Gerrerde-maria Abelmann was born in Austria to Dutch parents.She lived (in her youth) in various places in the Netherlands and graduated succesfully in 4 years at the art academy of Rotterdam.She then went abroad (2 years later), mainly Morocco, where she stayed for 13 years. Now-adays she lives in Eindhoven for quite some tim already. She travels a lot abroad. The beautiful French landscape, the colourful India and the Arab world with its rich decorations and beautiful mosaics, but also the ancient cultures such as the Egyptian, Greek and Assyrian are her inspiration. Her work  is figurative with a surrealistic approach.The topics are diverse. What starts as a landscape becomes a "story" with a specific theme. Sometimes they are animals, but especially people with their feelings, hopes and despair, power and powerlessness, love and sorrow, peace or resignation.

Used techniques

• Pen drawings in O.I. ink in black / white, painted or further elaborated with marker and coloured pencil.• Oil paintings, worked layer by layer.

• Textile objects in application technique in natural silk finished with threads of wool, silk and sometimes beads to emphasize the drawing.